About the website

This is the brainchild of Michel Depière, a very experienced digital professional that needed a way to share his knowledge.

Why “Beyond Awesome”?

I am a firm believer that everyone is awesome in their own way. Couple that with the fact that there is so much to be found on the web, I’m pretty sure you have done a lot already. That makes you awesome. But sometimes awesome is not enough. You need something to make the difference and it’s precisely that what we are trying to achieve here.

What is the aim of the website?

Reading my articles, you will probably find a lot of things that you know and that is fine. It’s pretty normal that there will be an overlap in knowledge. That’s why I am awesome too. The aim is to find the content that you can’t find on other websites. That is a combination of practical experience, looking for the questions behind the questions, the strategies behind decisions and digging deeper rather than to stay on the surface.

Can I use the content?

I’m firm believer in the power of the group. That is why this website gives the content away for free, for everyone to use. If you use it; awesome. If you credit or link to me: beyond awesome! (see what I did there?)

What can I do to help?

Of course. You can contact me, for now, on the contact form. Ask me questions, suggest articles, send me links, invite me on your podcast, tell me what you think, I’m up for whatever.

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